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  • Invoice Ninja - Companion app for the Invoice Ninja by Invoice Ninja.
  • Flutter Jobs App - Flutter job board app by Raouf Rahiche.


  • DroidKaigi2018-flutter - Unofficial conference app for DroidKaigi 2018 Tokyo by konifar.
  • FlutterMates - A sample app for our internal company talk about Flutter by Codemate Ltd.
  • SpaceX GO - Simple yet powerful, open-source SpaceX launch tracker by Chechu.



  • Bit Alarm - An app to keep track of different cryptocurrencies by Damoon Rashidi.
  • Trace - Modern and powerful crypto portfolio & market explorer by Trent Piercy.
  • Platypus Crypto - Platypus Crypto is an ad-free cross-platform robust solution for tracking cryptocurrency assets by Blake Bottum.

Health and Fitness

  • Weight Tracker - Weight Tracker is an application dedicated for people who want to dump or maintain weight by Marcin Sza?ek.


  • CineReel - You can see lists for Now playing, Top Rated, Popular and Upcoming movies by serko.
  • Fluttery Filmy - Movie app which is developed using flutter and powered by tmdb. by Bhavik Makwana.
  • Toughest - Tricky questions and answer- Offline Interview Q/A by MD SADAB WASIM.
  • Sandwhich - An app to solve the age-old sandwich debate built using machine learning, Flutter, and TensorFlow Lite by MotionMobs


  • Pokedex - Pokedex app built by Pham Sy Hung.
  • Flip - Reversi game by Andrew Brogdon.
  • 2048 - 2048 game by Anuran Barman.
  • TRex - Port of the famous Chrome's Trex game by Renan C. Araújo.
  • Crush - How to build a Math-3 game, like Candy Crush, Bejeweled by Didier Boelens.
  • Slide Puzzle - Classic slide (15) puzzle by Kevin Moore.
  • Solitaire -A Solitaire clone made by Deven Joshi.


  • Beer-Me-Up - Beer tracking nicely designed by Benoit Letondor.


  • Grey - A Material designed music player developed in Flutter by Avinash Kumar.
  • InKino - A multiplatform Dart movie app by Iiro Krankka.
  • Music Player - Full featured music player by Pawan Kumar.
  • Cinematic - UI for Movie DB Public API by Aaron Oertel.

News and Magazine

  • Flews - A news client written in Flutter that displays top stories from Hacker News, Reddit's r/AndroidDev, Imgur's most viral, and GitHub top Java repos by James Barr.
  • NewsBuzz - Firebase backed news reader using News API by Ankur Kedia.


  • Furniture - Code for Furniture app dashboard created by Raja Yogan.
  • Dashboard - Dashboard concept made by Ivascu Adrian.
  • Tailor made - Managing a Fashion designer's daily routine by Jeremiah Ogbomo.


  • BookSearch - Digital BookShelf for your reading progress by Norbert515.
  • Flutter Todo - This Todo app is implemented using Flutter by Tuan Nguyen.
  • GSYGithubAppFlutter - An open source Github client App developed by Flutter by Shuyu Guo.
  • Habbit - Habbit is an ultra simple habit tracker that just works by Li Zhong.
  • Taskist - Taskist is a ToDo List app for Task Management by Hugo EXTRAT.
  • Trinity Orientation - Orientation week at Trinity College, U of T by Matthew Tory.
  • Notes App - Note Taking App made with Flutter with Sqlite as database by Bibek Timsina.
  • WhatTodo - Todoist like UI by Burhanuddin Rashid.

Social Network

  • Deer - Minimalist Todo Planner built using BLoC pattern by Aleksander Wo?niak.
  • FlutterGram - Complete Instagram based on Firestore & 谷歌 Functions by MDanics.
  • Flutter Chat App - A one-to-one chat app built on Flutter with firebase authentication and image sharing capability by Rohan Taneja.
  • FlutterWhatsAppClone - Building a WhatsApp Clone in Flutter by Pawan Kumar.
  • Lime - Lime social network by Sebastian Sellmair.
  • Meme Chat - Chat app on Flutter, using Firebase, 谷歌 Sign In, and device camera integration by a team of 谷歌rs.
  • Tinder Card - Tinder like cards swipe effect by Ivascu Adrian.


  • Grocery-App - Flutter Grocery Shopping App by Widle
  • Flutter Games - Flutter app for purchasing and renting games by Ray Li
  • Plantly - App concept where you can purchase and get info of plants by Ivascu Adrian.


  • Flitter - Glitter app by Hadrien Lejard and Kevin Segaud. It uses Redux and Jaguar.
  • Trovami - A Live location app created in Flutter using Firebase as the backend by ManojNB
  • Wallpaper - Wallpaper App made with Flutter with Dynamic Theming by Bibek Timsina
  • Zefyr - Soft and gentle rich text editing for Flutter applications by Memspace


  • Flight search - Flight search app by Marcin Sza?ek.
  • Tourism - A Flutter tourism app by Abdulmomen Kadum
  • Travel Guide - Travel guide app by Ivascu Adrian.