The Other Menu avaliable on Amazon!

I have published ‘The Other Menu’ as an ebook on Amazon, and it’s yours for the high price of 4,20 USD. Get your copy now!

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The Other Menu

Lately I’ve been working on my book called “The Other Menu”. I wanted to collect some of the stories from the cannabis counter, some cannabis history and a little of my own experiences from coming out of the cannabis closet.

From the intro:

“Amsterdam, summer, 2006. I was walking around the city when I decided to take a short stop at a coffee shop by the Amstel river. I bought some delicious Laughing Buddha, rolled it up and sat down at the terrace outside. By terrace, I mean a small bench that would fit max two people, which was plenty of space for me, a tea and a joint. The rays of the sun sparkling in the river, bouncing off every watery angle… Amsterdam knows how to really turn everything on, full charms ahead, like being in a daydream that’s actually happening.

I was just sitting there looking around at the city which I was falling helplessly in love with. How did I get here? Me, who used to think pot makes you stupid. I was so sure I’d never try it. And there I was, sitting outside a coffeeshop, getting high as a kite. It takes a while before it sinks in, a little bit longer than a two-hour flight. I still kept thinking that I had to hide my joint. This was my second time in Amsterdam, and the 48 hours I spent there about ten months earlier had left me wondering how on earth they did it.

And right then, while I was sitting on that tiny bench, the answer came walking down the street, dressed for the occasion in blue uniforms. Two of them, heading down the road in my direction. When you’ve got a stinky bud in your pocket, you become aware of police. But that summer day in Amsterdam I made eye contact with the policemen, they nodded their heads slightly—a “have a nice day” nod—and I nodded back. And that was it. Me, a reefer and two dudes in uniforms passing on by. Nothing more.

What was it about this little country? How was it possible that after more than 40 years of not punishing people who use cannabis, the country still wasn’t drowning in drug-related problems? Looking at people passing by, knowing that every person over 18 with some money in their pocket could get as high as they wanted to, at any time really… But that’s not what happens. Some people stop by, some people pass on by.

According to the theory of prohibition, this tiny country should be wasting away in a cesspool of drugs by now. So when I discovered that The Netherlands actually has a quite modest average use of cannabis, the plot got thicker than the smoke from Dutch reefers. I read on and I could hardly believe the wall of lies about to unfold before my very eyes.

There was only one thing to do. I moved to Amsterdam seven months later. I had no job or apartment and I didn’t know a single soul in town. On the cold winter evening of January 20th, I was standing in front of Central Station looking out over the city built on water.”

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